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A healthier home with fewer allergens and pleasant air without deodorants

Having clean and healthy air in the home without unpleasant smells, free of viruses, bacteria, molds and toxins is truly possible today.

Just decorate your home with our FN®  photocatalytic coating, illuminate with UVA light (sunlight or indoor equivalent)  and make your home cleaner and healthier.  Once the light hits the FN® coated wall or ceiling, it activates and immediately begins to perform its cleaning function; creating a highly efficient, trouble-free, ecological, noiseless and economical air purifier for your home.

Light’s energy is used to activate it, eliminating the need to replace filters or for other maintenance.  Its lifetime is 10 years or more, as long as ultraviolet light is provided and there is no mechanical removal or overlaying of the FN® coating layer.

By painting walls and ceilings with FN® Coatings, the surfaces can be transformed into a highly efficient and economical air purifier.


FN® Coatings are not “paints”.  This is the means by which you can change every wall and ceiling of your dwelling into an efficient nanotechnology air purifier.  Unlike electro-mechanical air filters, FN®  works silently, failure-free and maintenance-free, with a minimum cost of operation (only if artificial UVA lighting source is necessary).

Its functionality is long-lasting. Unless the surface FN®  Coating layer is mechanically removed or covered with other material and/or the ultraviolet light is affected, it can work for decades without problems.  FN®  Coating’s effectiveness is comparable to that of standard air purifiers.  However, unlike standard air purifiers, it can deal with extremely small concentrations of some foreign substances that these purifiers cannot handle, it only does not provide dust filtration or air ionization.   As far as operating costs are concerned, the FN® Coating is considerably cheaper than conventional air purifiers.

Use of FN® NANO coatings in the home

The properties of the activated FN® Coating on the surface of the building have, in combination with its extreme photocatalytic efficiency, a number of practical effects for building owners:

Removing unpleasant odors

The vast majority of odors are formed by molecules of organic matter that are dispersed in the air.  Extremely small amounts of such substances (in the order of thousands of milligrams per 1m3 of air) can cause a strong odor.  The surface layer, covered with FN® Coating and illuminated by ultraviolet light, effectively decomposes the “smell” molecules predominantly on water molecules (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) that do not smell.  These are extremely small quantities that do not affect the room’s humidity or the amount of carbon dioxide in it.

FN® Coatings remove odors very efficiently.  For example, a ceiling of a kitchen coated with FN® 3, which is illuminated by a UVA fluorescent lamp, can effectively eliminate the smell of fried food within 20 to 30 minutes.

Similarly, FN® Coatings can also be used to mitigate the smell of cigarette smoke or the odors of household pets.

Air cleaning from allergens

When the activated FN® Coatings touches the molecule, or the microscopic particle, the oxidizable allergen, reacts instantly with oxygen in the air and separates it into molecules of water, carbon dioxide and other, non-threatening to health.  As with odors, these are microscopic quantities of substances that are the source of an allergic reaction.  Most commonly, they are substances that release molds into the air, or are allergenic mites that are numerous “roommates” in every household and pet fur/dander.  People suffering from allergies are one of the largest groups that can benefit from  FN® coating’s ability to effectively clean the air and help alleviate their health concerns.

Cleaning of air from dangerous substances

Cleaning the air of hazardous substances that evaporate into the air from plastics and varnishes and room furnishings (VOCs).

One person consumes an enormous amount of air (about 15kg) in one day.  In that air we breathe, not all is oxygen and the other substances that saturate the air can easily penetrate the human body.  Air quality significantly affects our health. The sources of a significant part of the pollutants are also the interiors of modern buildings, which are packed with a number of plastics and other artificially prepared materials, from which a variety of health-threatening substances are released into the air. The effort to conserve heat or cool our environments led to the creation of air-conditioned buildings (HVAC systems) with closed air circulation, where these substances accumulate to an increasing extent.  This, along with other negative influences, negatively affects the health of people who live or work in such buildings.  This phenomenon is termed syndrome of unhealthy buildings or “Sick Building Syndrome”.

The photocatalytic surface of the ceiling and possibly the walls created by the application of FN® Coatings are able to eliminate the foreign substances that can enter the air in the rooms from plastics, furniture, linen, carpets, detergents and so more. FN® effectively works on their extremely small concentrations, with which other technical/mechanical means cannot manage.  In modern buildings where the windows are equipped with special filters that do not leak the ultraviolet component of daylight, it is necessary to provide UVA illumination from an artificial source in order for the cleaning function, created by the photocatalytic surface, to take effect.

Air cleaning from the airborne

Cleaning the air of dangerous substances - emissions that penetrate the interiors from outdoor air pollution.

In regions with heavy air pollution by industrial and transportation emissions, it is not possible to escape from harmful substances in the air.

What photocatalysis really does:

It eliminates odors, mold spores, allergens

It greatly reduces grease settling

It eliminates fungal spores, allergens, incl. excrements of mites in the air

It works like a quiet, maintenance-free, economical and highly efficient air purifier

Prevention of bacteria and fungi

Ecological solution - without chemistry, purely physical effect

Guarantee of 10 years