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Advanced Materials-JTJ a.s, Nanotechnology R&D 4, Prague Whitepaper Author        05/2019 – 04/2021

• Learned technology and designed unique subsidy program to reduce pollution based on research grant in cooperation with the VSCHT, Prague 8 campus, studying commercial applications of Photocatalytic paint. • Managed all international roadshows and sales inquiries and negotiated discounted frame contracts for sales under FN NANO© trademark • Managed a team of young science researchers and outsourced advertising vendors. • Produced “Subsidy Program for the Reduction of Urban Pollution” as part of the Clean Cities grant project.

Melbourne s.r.o, self-owned limited company, Prague Consultant                               11/2013 – Present

• Operated entrepreneurial consulting firm taking on both executive and manual skilled employment. • Became active board member of a special needs charity (SmilingCrocodile.org). • Marketed for SaaS product (Translation Management System, Memsource.com). • Introduced of energy trading clients to regional hub service provider re licensing & registration (CEE-Service.com). • Drove delivery van for Bio-Butcher, The Real Meat Society.

MND a.s., Prague Senior Trader                                                                                           06/2011 – 11/2014

• Captured most active natural gas trading parties across the EU with minimal credit line constraints through aggressive sourcing and relationship building negotiations. • Achieved 60 EFET contracts with preferential conditions and only 2 requiring Credit Support Annex, and Enlisted energy trading desk on 3 gas hubs, 2 exchanges, and a custody account provider. • Made two-way spot prices on the Prague Energy Exchange (PSE subsidiary).

42 Financial Services s.r.o., IDB broker, Prague • Carbon Broker                                      06/2008 – 04/2011

• Intermediated carbon allowance and offset trades of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. • Designed Green Certificate underwriting product for Romanian renewable energy sector and sourced backers.

Blackstone Global Ventures s.r.o., Prague • Trade Director                                              01/2007 – 11/2007

• Researched, designed, marketed, and attracted seed funding for a greenfield carbon offset fund. • Successful managed seed campaign and ran roadshow presentations across the EU and in the UK. • Bear Stearns cancelled as subprime crisis loomed.

Atlantik Financni Trhy, a.s. Stockbroker, Prague • Head of Equities Sales                       09/2003 – 11/2006

• Noticed new opportunity and built the first and most active CEE carbon brokerage dealing in EU Allowances of the Emissions Trading Scheme, utilizing existing synergies of settlements.

Other Early Career achievements.                                                                                               09/1989 – 11/2002

• Meinl Bank, Vienna • Setup Serbian FX Bond trading operation, and sourced Argentine distressed debt in 2002

• Consulting for three organizations in Belgrade, Serbia • Two brokerages and The East West Institute 2001-2002

• Komercni Banka, Prague • Head of International Equities sales: captured 50% of exchange volume for months of 1996.

• HSBC Australia, Sydney • Institutional Sales: sourced Indonesian voluminous FX business in 1994 from Australia.




University of Washington, Seattle Bachelors in Political Economy                                        1985
Sydney Futures Exchange, Sydney Futures Broker License                                                      1992




·       Trading desk set up – solely set up two trading operations and was 1/3 of team for another in financial, carbon and energy products.

·       New product developer – after identifying new opportunity in Carbon broking, developed new 30 minute credit window device to promote sales, successfully.

·       Risk management – built up resources and managed credit risk assessment team for multinational counterparties., you’ll be expected to have technical hard skills and interpersonal soft skills.

·       Wide ranging instrument skills – Traded forex, precious metals (gold/silver/palladium), financial futures, and equities on bank proprietary desks; acted as broker of equities, bonds, distressed debt, and carbon offsets.

·       Team leader & mentor – while leading roadshow presentations with younger staff, enlightened colleagues on interpersonal communications, travel planning, speaking roles, and confidence.

·       Contract management and negotiator – had to build up capacities in greenfield desk build to manange private documents, assess risk, and then negotiate favorable terms with counterparties and had tens underway at the same time.




·       10% in risk-taking dealing

·       50% in institutional sales

·       20% in consulting roles

·       5 % in public speaking and relations

·       15% in new product development




·       Founded Melbourne s.r.o. consulting in 2013.

·       One of three founders of the profitable EBEL COFFEE HOUSE,  from  1998  to 2003.