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[Updated Sept 2014]


Good day, this is a personal site for Daniel Butler in Prague. I am an expatriate, with American and Australian citizenships, and a work permit for the EU because I am married to a lovely and very busy, Czech woman. 

I have lived in NYC, Sydney, Melbourne, Prague, Kiev, Athens, Belgrade and Vienna - but for the last 18 years in Prague. I have three kids, two dogs, two cats and no free time. My wife is helping special needs kids through her  day job teaching and lecturing about cochlear implants,  for Med-El in Austria, and through her charity she founded with a few wonderful expats, called Pink-Crocodile.org which runs programs here in Prague and also in a few locations in India. Please, take a moment to hit the pay-pal donations site for these kids here: Link to PC Paypal

My work, what I have done and what I do, is described on this page Link-About, and some information about my life in a few cities and boring personal stuff is here Link-BoringDan'sLife.Companies I have worked with, and with whom I still maintain some intro-broker relationship are listed on the Links page.